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Our villas are LEGAL SHORT TERM RENTALS with Florida and City Licenses

NO RISK to be evicted by the POLICE
  • Never rent in Miami if the houses do not have Floida & City Licenses for Short Term or Vacation Rental
  • Don't take the risk to be evicted or fined by the Police by renting from an unscrupulous owner or agent
  • By renting from a licensed company you have no risk of fraud as well. Read Fraud Warning
  • Be aware that vacation rental is strictly prohibited in SOUTH BEACH for less than 6 months
  • Miami allows rentals for less than 6 months but NEVER without Florida Resort Licenses

    News about Prohibition of Vacation Rentals in Miami Beach (South Beach)

    October 2009, short term rental or vacation rentals less than 6 months are still prohibited by LAW in Miami Beach, South Beach, and almost all of the cities in Miami-Dade. More and more people are evicted by the Police when unscrupulous owners and agents continue to rent "against the law." Only very few Rentals Corp. have rights to operate Vacation Rentals in Miami-Dade since they did it legally by paying sale and transient taxes. Our Miami Florida Business License and Registration here.

    You can read the Miami Beach Ordinance below (Attachment 1 bottom of the page)

    January 2009, the City of Miami Beach & South Beach confirmed that Short Term Rental is prohibited in Miami Beach or South Beach less than 6 months and 1 day. Don't take the risk, you can be evicted by the police ! North Miami Beach is the nearest legal town for short term rental from South Beach. If you do not want your holidays ending up a nightmare, refuse any offers of short term rentals in the city of Miami Beach. Refuse contracts for 6 months that are fraudulent in order to avoid Miami-Dade taxes or done to make you believe that this is legal when you know that you asked to rent for “2 weeks”. It is a criminal offense.

    N Miami Beach gave us licenses for vacation rentals, which is why we are specialized in this city in the heart of Miami-Dade and along the ocean. 

      • Groceries and a movie theater 2 minutes away
      • The best restaurants, Oleta Park, and the beach 3 minutes away
      • Aventura and Bal Harbor Mall 5 minutes away
      • South Beach and its nightlife 15 minutes away

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